Chemical burn. [j0be]

i had a dream that i saw Ralph at some restaurant. he had a beard which was very odd. he kissed me on my cheek and told me that his wife is pregnant but that they were no longer together. then he came back with us (a random group of people that i don’t remember) and he proceeded to get in fights with everyone and the cops came and kicked everyone out. then i was all alone in this house that had these giant glass windows or walls. not sure which. now that was cray cray. i hope he’s doing well irl.

When an environment fails, over and over and over again, to provide her with a means to follow her internal compass, then she will leave.
Julie Zhuo
Loft loafing
this dog is named Obama and his owner is named Supreme
office gift boxes ready to send! we ordered the contents from Cakes & Ale and did the packaging ourselves. even though this is just an internal project, i’m really happy that i was given the opportunity to spearhead this alongside Lauren. we had a lot of fun assembling these.
my paycheck was $40 more than the previous ones have been. i remember something like that happened at CO+LAB but it was in reverse. i guess it’s something to do with taxes? lawl moneyz.
i want to get over to the farmer’s market this sunday at Grant Park. there is really no reason not to — it’s not even one mile away. the only downside is that i’ll probably be hungover at 9:30am. good thing they have food carts.
Make sure you are on brand in time for Christmas.
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