Loft loafing
this dog is named Obama and his owner is named Supreme
office gift boxes ready to send! we ordered the contents from Cakes & Ale and did the packaging ourselves. even though this is just an internal project, i’m really happy that i was given the opportunity to spearhead this alongside Lauren. we had a lot of fun assembling these.
my paycheck was $40 more than the previous ones have been. i remember something like that happened at CO+LAB but it was in reverse. i guess it’s something to do with taxes? lawl moneyz.
i want to get over to the farmer’s market this sunday at Grant Park. there is really no reason not to — it’s not even one mile away. the only downside is that i’ll probably be hungover at 9:30am. good thing they have food carts.
Make sure you are on brand in time for Christmas.

Day 79 _ Miley (Miley Cyrus - American Actress & Singer).
Foggy wet morning
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