IDK but this is kind of an awkward/voyeuristic engagement picture.

if you’re going to brag about your arugula radicchio salad, you should at least pronounce it correctly

been listening to this throwback station on spotify when i suddenly remembered that i performed “bye bye bye” as spoken word in mr. marquis english class. i was wearing a bunny outfit bc it was hip hop day during homecoming week and i thought i’d make a pun. welcome to my 9th grade self.

i love your tweets. you keep me young.
I’ve got a baby that’s fighting for his life and a wife in the room that’s cut open. And I’m not legally binded [sic] to either one of them; I can’t make decisions for either one of these people. And I’m alone.
Tonya Allen
What means the world to you my money, my doe, my hoes, my clothes
What means the world to you my money, my doe, my hair, my nails
What means the world to you some sex, some mex, and a little bit of head rah
What means the world to you to sex is sweet wit a cat who eat
What means the world to you lots of cheese shopping sprees
What means the world to you diamond rings shinin things
What means the world world to you ladies oh fellas ah
oh, ah, oh, ah, oh, ah
oh, ah

— Cam’Ron
my netflix suggestions…
Made cauliflower purée tonight and it was much more fabulous that I had anticipated.
#SoChic2014 #golddrunk #serfbort
Just deleted this tweet, but I still wanted it to be posted somewhere. I don’t know if my enlightenment outweighs my embarrassment.
Shout out to my two valentines: my mom and sis
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