Made cauliflower purée tonight and it was much more fabulous that I had anticipated.
#SoChic2014 #golddrunk #serfbort
Just deleted this tweet, but I still wanted it to be posted somewhere. I don’t know if my enlightenment outweighs my embarrassment.
Shout out to my two valentines: my mom and sis

There was a time where you and I were walking together in the student center. It was 2010 Vancouver olympics. I insisted that we watch. you called him Plinko.

Plushenko is in his forth Olympic Games. He. Is. Everything.

If he doesn’t win singles gold, idk who will. I would be pissed.

ok… so… your “flyer” is actually going to be a “webpage”

what is actually going the fuck on?

are we in 1998?

p.s. the olympics have already begun

i had a dream that we were in some class together, but we weren’t friends. as if something bad or awkward had happened between us. i was so embarrassed because i hadn’t completed the project. everybody was presenting their powerpoint, and i was scrambling to remember what to say. i didn’t even have a presentation. yours was clever. it was funny and interesting. the lecture hall exploded laughing. i went next and it was terrible. then you kissed me in the elevator. just barely. i think i almost felt it.

she’s definitely bumpkin but her heart’s in the right place. she just makes some fucking weird jello desserts.

Chemical burn. [j0be]
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